Sunday, January 30, 2005

Mobile Phones India - News, Views & Reviews

Hi people, Have just launched my new blog - Mobile Phones India. If you are a mobile handsets freak, you will find the essential News, Views & Reviews on latest Mobile Handsets, Smart Phones, Camera & MP3 Phones on this blog. The topics will cover mobile, phones, cellular, handsets, cell phones, smart phones, mp3 phones, PDAs, mobile accessories, mobile gaming, cracks and whacks :) Once agin, the blog is Strictly for absolute mobile phone freaks! Sissies please excuse ;-) Do check the blog out and let me have your comments. I also will accept contributions in terms of real experience based reviews of the mobile handsets you have used. Send in your contributions to Do chage the AT in the above mail ID with @ ;-) Cheers!!! Rishu