Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The Broadband Brand - Hathway Cable & Datacom

Mumbai, Chennai, Delhi and Pune are the luckiest of cities as they have got onto the broadband wave way ahead of others and the credit goes to Hathway Cable and Datacom Pvt. Ltd., one of the largest and fastest growing cable networks in India. A brand name that spans across eight cities with a ready cable infrastructure reaching the last mile, Hathway is the pioneer of Cable Internet Service in India and one of the largest Multi System Operators (MSOs) bringing quality transmission of over 100 television channels across the nation. Hathway distributes its cable TV as well as Internet signals through the underground fibre optic networks, and has located optic fibre nodes at various points in the network, which substantially improves the distribution and quality of Internet services. Hathway is seeking to revolutionise the way people access the web. The high bandwidth advantage of the cable infrastructure of Hathway allows faster, uninterrupted, unrestricted, uninhibited and unlimited access for hours together to the internet. The fibre-optic backbone and its state-of-the-art Internet Node and Data Centre makes the network capable of providing reliable Internet service as well as digital TV transmission. It provides this service through its cable network on a subscriber’s PC/Corporate LAN using cable modem/router. Hathway’s cable Internet service is based on Data Over Cable Services Interface Specifications (DOCSIS) protocol, which has over 5 million deployments worldwide. It is now the de facto standard for all cable Internet deployments across the world.