Monday, January 24, 2005

Germany based G-Hanz launches radiationless mobiles in India

German consumer electronics major, G-Hanz, has launched its 'harmless radiation' mobile phones in India and confimed that it is considering setting up a manufacturing base in the India. G-Hanz handsets overcome the effects of electro-magnetic radiation (EMR) by super-imposing a random noise field, so that these radiations become neutral to human tissue. The biochip technology, which mitigates the effects of EMR, was developed by US-based EMX Corporation. G-Hanz has signed an exclusive partnership agreement with EMX Corporation and has formed a new company - G-Hanz EMF Telecom - which would market the new range of handsets in India. G-Hanz expects to secure one per cent of the total mobile phone market in India and has aggressive strategies to penetrate the Indian market. G-Hanz has earmarked $5 million for promotional and marketing activities in the country and has retained India's star cricketer, Sachin Tendulkar as the brand ambassador for G-Hanz mobile phones.