Sunday, November 14, 2004

The Devil Returns... Onida's bid to glory...

Yes it's true... the Devil's back!

Mirc Electronics Ltd, makers of the Onida brand of TVs and durables, decided to relaunch its well-known `Onida Devil' campaign. The devil no doubt looks smarter than before but many doubt if it is really a good idea to help the brand regain its lost charm.

For long, the `Onida Devil' has been the face of Onida, along with the catchline Neighbours Envy Owners Pride.

So much so, that Mirc's research showed that the "Onida Devil' continued to enjoy tremendous brand recall value with customers. But is this enough to bring the Devil back in a new avatar, is what the industry is asking.

I'd say yes.

Firstly, MIRC's decision to bring the Devil back has already payed off by grabbing the attention of its audience. We are all sitting up and taking notice. industry discussion forums are full of analysis of the campaign and people like me are writing about it in their blogs. The brand, has no doubt, been rejuvenated.

But MIRC would have to make some more serious attempts not to lose the attention that they've gained and piggyback on it to drive the sales.

the Devil should not only be made to tell its audience that Onida is Neighbour's envy and Owner's pride, but also why?

The Devil should talk to the audience and introduce them to the reasons why they should buy Onida products and that too in a way that it evokes action.

Onida's latest ad, where a soul re-enters the dead body learning that on purchase of any specific Onida product category you can win a Mercedes... is a step in that direction but there is a lot more for the company to do. Their gamble has certainly paid and now it's the responsibility of their Advertising Agency to help Mirc achieve its ambitious sales targets. During the financial year 2004-05, Mirc is targeting a scale of 15 lakh CTVs, 3 lakh DVD players, one lakh washing machines and 25, 000 ACs. Whether or not it happens, we must agree that never before the conceptualisation of 'Onida Devil' has a mascot with 'negative shades' got a brand so much of attention. This time around, The Devil isn't green and mean. He is sleekly suited and suavely mannered. But nobody can deny the Onida Devil his due. He remains one of the most successful and important brand imageries ever spawned in India. And his return is just as significant. What say you all...? :-)