Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ruchi Soya Ind. posts profit in q1

Ruchi Soya Industries Limited (RSIL) today announced its results for the quarter ended June 30, 2005. Ruchi Soya Industries Limited has posted an increase of 16.6% in Sales/Income from operations from Rs. 811.43 crore to Rs. 946.19 crore as compared to the corresponding period in the previous year. Profit before tax (PBT) stood at Rs 11.23 crores, up from the previous Rs 8.26 crores an increase of 36 %. The net profit for the quarter increased by 29.5 %, up from Rs. 6.01 crores to Rs. 7.78 crores. Ruchi'S Earnings before Interest & Taxes (EBIDTA) has grown by 30.6% from Rs. 18.26 crore to Rs. 23.84 crore. The branded sales for Ruchi Soya have grown at a CAGR of 26% over the past five years from Rs. 2.5 bn in FY99 to around Rs. 10 bn for FY05 E. Branded sales now account 25% of overall revenues and are likely to exhibit a stronger CAGR growth than before. Capitalizing on the brand equity of the Nutrela brand, RSIL has ventured into the ready to cook segment with soya granules called Nutrela Flavor. It has also introduced India's first vitamin enriched oils with Nutrela Healthy cooking oils in the premium light oils category.