Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Zenith adjuged second in PC manufacturing

The recently released IDC-Dataquest Report on the Dataquest top 20 Information Technology companies in India shows that Zenith is the second-largest Indian PC Manufacturer after HCL Infosystems. Zenith has shown a higher market share than Wipro, Dell, and Acer; its market share is at par with IBM/Lenovo, just after Hewlett Packard. Zenith's profit reached new heights after it entered the laptop market in August 2004. Zenith launched seven laptops, under the brand name the 'power of seven', which did well in the Indian market. Its laptop sales increased 350 per cent within two quarters; the only Indian brand to register this volume of growth in 2004-05. As a result, Zenith declared a dividend in 2004-05 and invested further in its manufacturing facilities. The Indian notebook market has grown by over 140 per cent last year with sales touching 2.2 lakh units, compared to the previous year's 75 per cent. Since laptops are a high margin product, this has significantly added to the Zenith's bottomline.