Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Tata Tea plans sale of six estates

After divesting 17 tea estates of South Indian plantations in favour of workers, Tata Tea the leading tea brand has now turned its focus on the remaining six estates in the south India and was weighing a completely different option, most likely an outright sale. Out of the remaining six estates one is in Kerala and the rest in Tamil Nadu. Tata Tea's plantations in southern India were located in the Western Ghats in the western part of the state of Kerala and adjoining part of the state of Tamil Nadu. The former, in Idukki district of Kerala, were located in an area knwon as the Kanan Devan Hills. The brand managed to get almost a 97 per cent participation from the workers. The other estates in the Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu and one estate in the Trichur district of Kerala formed part of the Anamallais plantation area. On the branded business front, Tata Tea was reassessing the business. Tata Tea has already restructured the brand, "Agni".