Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Sahara ties up With African Sahara Computers

Sahara Computers and Electronics Limited (SCEL), is a result of a strategic tie up between a South African IT brand, Sahara Computers (Pty) Ltd., and Sahara India Pariwar. The SCEL today announced the launch of a wide portfolio of IT products in the Indian market including desktop PCs starting at Rs 9,999.00 only. The successful introduction of Personal Computers at a price less than Rs 10,000 will make it within the reach of virtually everyone and that, in turn, also poise the country for a digital revolution. Providing cutting edge technology, SCEL showcased its entire range of Desktop PC’s, Notebooks and Servers also. The launch is scheduled in two phases. The first phase would concentrate on the north India with the exception of Chattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh. In the second phase, which will be around July period, the products will be available across the country. SCEL will primarily focus on increasing the PC penetration in India by bringing affordable solutions to the common man. In this way, SCEL’s plans are directed at securing a leadership market share in the fast growing Indian Market. The launch is expected to reach out to the masses ans strengthen the brand equtiy of both partners.