Friday, July 15, 2005

Readers Digest in Indian languages soon

READER'S DIGEST is exploring the possibility of launching a vernacular edition under a new brand in the coming 6-12 months. Different from its English the new edition will be targetting at a new socio-economic segment and is expected to be an Indian version of the mother brand with a cover price, which will be different from its existing English edition. The main challenge for a new vernacular brand will be distribution because of lingual diversities of India. Relying heavily on its direct marketing initiatives to get sales, Reader's Digest has always been a subscription-driven magazine. Pegging its subscription growth rates at 14 per cent, the magazine is also expecting a revenue growth of close to 20 per cent this year. Reader's Digest is 50-years-old brand in India with over 48 editions in 19 languages existing in almost 60 countries.