Thursday, July 14, 2005

Infosys designs strategy for China

Infosys Technologies, one of top technology brands of India, has sketched out mega expansion plans for its subsidiary in China to build up service delivery capabilities and serve the local market. Currently Infosys employs close to 100 people in China. The number is expected to grow to 1,000 over the next several quarters. Infosys, which enjoys a huge brand equity in both India as well as international technology market has 39,000 employees, plans to add 7,000 people in the second quarter of this fiscal. It added 3,000 employees in the first quarter. To accommodate the growing number of professionals Infosys is expanding its infrastructure fast. It currently has a space of 68,99,450 sq ft with a capacity of 33,111 professionals. So far the company has spent Rs 623.31 crore (Rs 6.23 billion) on building physical infrastructure and Rs 170.58 crore (Rs 1.71 billion) in technological infrastructure.