Thursday, July 14, 2005

Dr. Reddy's launched New Life Coloustrum

Dr. Reddy's, a leading brand in the pharmaceutical segment in a strategic tie-up with New Zealand based Symbiotics, has launched New Life Colostrum. The product is available in a novel chewable form for the first time in India. Colostrum is a nutrient rich natural substance produced by all female mammals during the first 72 hours after giving birth and consists of immune factors, growth factors, proteins, vitamins and minerals thus helps in the development of immunity. Developed through unique manufacturing techniques, which ensures the availability of adequate quantities of immunoglobulins, immune factors, growth factors, proteins & minerals, New Life ColostrumTM is the World No. 1 colostrum brand and is derived from bovine colostrum. New Life ColostrumTM prevents infections among children and is an useful supplement for children suffering from recurrent infections.
  • New Life ColostrumTM is certified by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, New Zealand to be free from – BSE, Foot & mouth disease, BST, Pesticides & antibiotics.
  • New Life ColostrumTM has been certified by internationally recognized quality assurance standards, including ISO 9001 & ISO 14001.

Dr. Reddy’s is a strong brand in the pediatric segment with a diverse portfolio of products in both Indian as well as international market. New Life ColostrumTM launch follows other recent ‘first-of-their-kind’ product launches in India by Dr. Reddy’s for the pediatric segment. These include RebalanzTM, an oral rehydration solution for use by children suffering from non-cholera diarrhea, RedotilTM (Sachet), a novel anti-diarrheal agent used while treating acute watery diarrhea in children and EconormTM, a widely preferred yeast based preparation to prevent and control Antibiotics associated diarrhoea.