Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Coca Cola to launch Sprite Zero

Coca Cola, one of the leading soft drink brands in India and world over now plan to focus on non cola products. In keeping with the Carboated soft drink (CSD) industry strategy, Coca-Cola India has decided to bring in the low-calorie version of its clear lemon brand Sprite. The new product, which will be out in the market soon, is called Sprite Zero. The descision by Coca Cola India to launch the diet version of a non-cola product came after it realised that Sprite has been the fastest growing soft drink brand in volume terms across all CSD poducts of Coca-Cola India over last two years. The Sprite portfolio today comprises 11 per cent of the entire CSD market. The new sub-brand would not be endorsed by any celebrity instead it will be supported by several other means. These include owning brand properties around the number `Zero'.