Monday, July 11, 2005

Coca Cola demands apology from photographer

Famous Soft Drink Brand Coca Cola India has demanded an unconditional apology from Sharad Haksar the photographer, who has tried to depict the acute water problem in chennai by taking photo of colourful pitchers kept infront of a tube well. The tube well was incidentally situated near a wall which had the brand painted all over and on top of it all the photograph was displayed on a billboard.

Coca Cola India claims that the billboard has done a incalculable damage to their brand and want its removal immediately. In India, the brand already has it's problems with goodwill, especially in the south India where the Plachimada Coke-botteling facility was shut down after intense community pressure, but has now been re-opened after the the Kerala High Court now has permitted Coca-Cola to extract up to 500,000 liters of water from the common groundwater resource per day.